5S Lean Six Sigma Training

The Five S’s (5S) approach in Lean Six Sigma A new 5S lean six sigma methodology originated in Japan in 1950’s and was first implemented by the Toyota Motor Corporation on their assembly line. It changed the work culture of the company drastically. It was gradually adopted by all the automobile manufacturers in the world and became a key prospect for the efficiency and quality enhancement of their products. 5S Six Sigma training became integral to these organizations’ sustainability efforts. 5S six sigma refers to five Japanese terms for organizing and managing workspace and workflow. They are: The first pillar in 5S six sigma is to sort and systematically discard unnecessary items at the workplace. Such activity will make finding the necessary things more convenient and eliminate clutter, unneeded tools, and unused supplies. The next step in 5S six sigma is to set the necessary items clean and systematically. There should be a dedicated place for each of these tools so that anyone can instantly find them, use them, and then place them back. These tools should be labeled and easy to access- especially those more frequently used than the others. This helps in creating a more efficient, ergonomic, and safer workplace. This step emphasizes keeping the workplace clean, free of dirt, dust, or debris, and well-lighted. The benefit of this stage is that it is easier to find defects in a clean, well-lit room, and clean and maintained machines are less likely to break down. It also promotes morale and attention to detail among the team members, bringing higher quality. The fourth step in 5S six sigma is Seitsuke or standardize. It is a way to ensure that the above three steps are followed daily and that the team has a habit of always doing the right thing in the right way. The benefits of standardizing are that it becomes easier to train a new employee, and there is less room for error. Shitsuke is about ingraining the 5S lean six sigma concept in day-to-day activities. The team members must make time to meet and make everyone aware of the benefits of 5S, give credits wherever due periodically evaluate the 5S activities. In the past four decades, the concept of 5S has evolved and found its application not only in the manufacturing industry but also in the service industry, hospitality business, and consultation. ARROWHEAD provides consulting services for implementing 5S across your entire business model from start to finish. ARROWHEAD also provides excellent 5S Six Sigma training in Mumbai and across India. This training should be attended by not just shop floor employees but mid and senior management as well. We encourage corporations to take this sincerely and  go for it because it is a skill once learned, that can give recurring benefits for many decades. More importantly, it builds a work culture and work place that imbibes a positive vibe in all aspects of day to day functioning. REQUEST A CALL BACK Please fill the form and click the submit button. We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.
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