Projects & Training Programs Specific area within business Management may already have clear understanding of pain points within their business model in certain area. In such scenario, we will inherit thorough understanding of project and suggest and/or implement solutions using Lean and Six-Sigma concepts. Tenure of project is mutually decided based on scope of project. Developing Overall Equipment Effectiveness Understanding your current values around OEE metrics and how to implement successful impact of OEE. Identify solutions within all 3 parameters of OEE (equipment availability, first pass yield, quality) that need to be implemented in order to have world class OEE. Engagement here can be limited to developing solutions or can go on till OEE > 90%. ENQUIRE NOW Please fill in your details below and we will get in touch with you shortly Look at entire business model In this case we start by conducting a detailed Value-Stream Mapping session that covers all steps from Order to Cash. This exercise reveals all non-value-added areas across each department around data flow and product flow (in case of services industry its mainly about data/information flow). This culminates into consensus about projects around areas of immediate and long-term focus. Detailed Project plans are built based on the value-stream map. Dedicated teams are set-up. Project implementation led by ARROWHEAD using Lean Six-Sigma concepts along with frequent governance of progress with team and management. Basic or detailed training around Lean and Six-Sigma tools is also offered for your employees in this offering. Such an engagement model is typically based on an annual retainer ship, where a fixed number of hours per week/month/year are mutually decided. Developing Overall Equipment Effectiveness In today’s times organizations may not want to hire a full-time employee for certain projects and/or roles. Companies are now starting to save significant costs in terms of employee benefits by hiring consulting-based roles. Examples – i. You may have a team of QC experts within your organization but rather than hiring a full-time senior QC employee all you really need is someone to guide/mentor current team members and review or govern current projects. ii. Someone from your senior management office has recently resigned and you haven’t been able to back-fill the role with talent you want based on skills or budget. In such a case we can help you for a temporary time by filling in that role, not necessarily as technical expert, but more from a managerial/leadership/maintaining momentum around current projects. Training ARROWHEAD Consulting offers training programs that help organizations bolster project and problem management skills. These programs have curriculums based on world recognized standards of governance and certification in this domain. We offer levels of belt-based degrees in Lean Six-Sigma shown in pyramid. Highlights of training offered: Tie-up with world’s top recognized certifying authority for Lean Six-Sigma based in USA. Registration, training, course material is all handled by Arrowhead. Fees include training, content, exam, certificate. Candidate will appear for online exam post training completion. Candidate can appear for exam anytime within 12 months from date of registration. 3 attempts allowed; first successful attempt will disable exam link. If 3 attempts exhausted, then candidate to undergo training and exam again. Exam format: open book; True/False; Multiple choice; time bound. Certificate can be downloaded immediately upon successful attempt. Each belt certification is perpetual and has ZERO renewal fees. Note: All other world recognized bodies charge significant renewal fees typically between $150 – $350 for every 2-3 years.
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